Digital Channels

What we can do for you?

Facebook Ads

One of the channel that helps in increasing sales closing. Facebook creates opportunities for businesses to reach target group precisely with the controlled budget.

Google Ads

Searching for a target group for your products easily through keywords or Google partnership websites over 100,000 website. Increasing Reach and sales closing opportunities.

LINE Ads Platform

Solution feed advertising of LINE is growing rapidly and becoming one of the effective channel to promote products online, for example through LINE TV, LINE Today Timeline Ads, Moretab and LINE Man.

Micro Influencer Marketing

One of the strategy that helps in increasing trusts and brand credibility overnight. We work with more than 2,000 influencers and we provide campaign indicator reports.

Video Ads

Media that effectively builds awareness and inspiration among people. With the tempting presentation, it creates brand recognition through the stories in the videos.

Email & SMS Marketing

NipaMail helps in creating campaigns, sending emails, and measuring marketing campaign results. By its convenience, the campaign can be created easily with the provided templates and the massages can be sent to the customers automatically through our email and SMS services.

Instagram Ads

Building awareness and inspiring viewers by photos or short videos. With an Instagram’s display pattern, the target will not be able to overlook your advertisement, which is one of the effective way that you can promote your brand and products.

Website & Landing Pages

We know how to promote Conversion on Landing Pages and websites by designing attractive website, which includes selecting themes that support several types of devices for better user experiences.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increasing credibility and opportunities for your business by articles and several techniques that bring you website towards the 1st place of Google search through the Search Engine, which SEO will allow you to reach your target customers easier.

Digital Training

Providing full-range of consulting services and advices in Digital Marketing for all scales of businesses to acknowledge your staffs to understand and able to adapt for future use, in order to increase your business’ growth and sales.

Content Marketing

Brand communication is important in building brand reputation. We are able to create attractive contents for your business, in order to garner customers’ engagement and arouse customers’ purchase decision.