An Effective Content Leads to the Success

In today’s digital era, communicating through online channels are essential since everyone throws their attentions online more and more. Creating an attractive content helps in attracting more people to read and view your content. Nowadays, investors become more interested in doing marketing through content because it could define brand identity, approach targets easier, and you are able to select to present your products and services in variety patterns.

How Can Content   Identify    Brand Identity

As we say “Content is what we publish to present the public”, means brand image will be presented through the content as well. Content could identify the brand characteristic through letters, photos, and videos. Even though your contents are about the product sales, knowledges sharing or other activities, the important thing is to present those content wisely and effectively in order to increase brand awareness and attract customer interests.

Content Marketing is one of the marketing strategy, focusing on contents such as articles, photos, or videos to present to target customers for building awareness and consciousness. The presented content should be able to create brand’s value.

What is Content

As mentioned above, content could be anything that we present to the public, it doesn’t has to be text or article only. Examples of contents are as following:

1. Article: Other than on websites, an article can also be found on Facebook, Instragram, Line and others social medias. At Nipa, we have the professional teams which could create effective all articles such as articles for events,product promotions, or knowledges share to attract your target customers influentially
2. Picture: Pictures are one of the essential factors in creating content. People normally like to see photos rather than long texts if we are able to create pictures that could attract attentions and tell stories, it means that our contents are effective. At Nipa, we have a team of designers and graphics which could create the best and powerful contents for you.
3. Video: Presenting contents through videos is one of the interesting way of doing contents. Creating content videos becomes more popular, as there the amount of Youtubers are increasing, because video contents can effectively help in extending views and shares.

Which Digital Marketing Channels That the Content Could be Posted on ?

The fact is content could be anywhere and it could be stated in any forms. People nowadays look at the content through variety of online channels, which each channel will present the content in different styles. Examples of the popular online channel to post content are as follwing:

1. Facebook
There are several types of contents on Facebook such as texts, photos, and videos. The brand is able to create the content to attract the right target for promoting engagement. For example, if your business is target on health and women, moreover than posting products promotion contents, you could post contents relate to women and health as well.
2. Instagram
The best type of contents for instagram are photos and short videos, with some attractive captions that can tell the story of those photos. However, for business accounts, what you should present to your targets on Instagram are photos and products details which can be easily captured.
LINE is one of the most popular social media in Thailand. Line provides variety of contents patterns. You can broadcast text through LINE@, update stories and share knowledges through LINe Timeline or share video contents through LINE TV.
4. SEO
Most of the contents on SEO are about knowledges sharing. There will be approximately 20% of keywords of each article distributing in SEO, in order to make your article shown in the very first page of Google search. Having an attractive content will helps in gaining views and click which will effect on your ranking on Google search.
5. Website
Moreover than SEO articles which helps in attracting more visitors, contents on the web page are also considered to be important. The clear products and services details will help in boosting customers purchasing decision and increasing sales.

Select Your Package

Plans SMEs


Facebook Instagram LINE@ Facebook Instagram
Support account & page by specialist
Analyze the strategic plan
Analyze page auction insight
Graphic design 5 images 5 images 5 images 20 images 20 images
Post caption 15 posts 15 posts 18 posts 60 posts 60 posts
Image content 12 posts 12 posts 15 posts 21 posts 21 posts
Photo album content 2 posts 2 posts 3 posts 15 posts 15 posts
Gif content 1 posts 1 posts 9 posts 9 posts
Slide show content 9 posts 9 posts
Carousel content 3 posts 3 posts
Canvas content 3 posts 3 posts
Analytics reports
Services duration 30 days 30 days 30 days 120 days 120 days
Management fee ฿20,000 ฿75,000


  • null
    Free editting images for 2 times, but have to pay 700 Baht for later times
  • null
    If the brand advertising more than 15 post from 60 posts, the company will charge 500 Baht
  • null
    Answer in comment and inbox is excluded from this package
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    Facebook/Instagram/LINE@ advertising cost and management cost is excluded