Nipamail, the Best Solution for Email & SMS Marketing

Email & SMS Marketing is the customer relationship management tool which can help in enhancing the relationship between the brand and customers. It can distribute the brand information to the target customers by separating the database of existing customers. Moreover, it is the most low-cost marketing tool that helps in achieving the brand objective effectively.

Enhancing Email & SMS Marketing for Your Business with Nipamail

According to the effectiveness in sending Email and SMS of Nipamail, you can be assured that every processes will be managed effectively. By the cooperation between the experts in programming and the professional teams in strategic planning and designing, we are ready to support you to meet your business objectives. The benefits you will receive from using Nipa Mail services are as followed:
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    Operation time saving and faster responding with the convenient account list system and Journey Builder that could manage the system to automatically response to the customers.
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    Provided API system for systems connection such as salesforce or excel
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    Guaranteed data security by NipaMail system that is designed to work effectively in Https, with secured password in transferring data and data backup to prevent data loss.
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    Timing and message re-sending system that will assuredly send your message to the right target, plus, DKIM or Domainkeys Identified Mail, the tool that will support the sender’s credibility and prevent an email to be sent into the spam folder.
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    Self-created creative contents through our design functions. Enhance the campaigns’ result with A/B Testing and precise report.
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    All budget plans support, with flat payment method and installment payment method.

Besides that Nipamail always develop our systems to continually satisfy customers’ needs, we also provide professional teams and admins that are specialized in software and network, together with the consulting officers serving you through phone and email.

Select Your Package

Monthly “Charged by the number of mailing list”

    • Suitable for plans that want to send an email to the same mailing list for more than 1 time per month
    • Monthly email package which charged by the number of mailing list
    • Able to add more mailing lists on the selected package
    • 30 days validation

Credits “Pay Per Email – 365 days validation”

    • Able to select credits/packages. Suitable for uncertain plans which inconstant mailing lists. Able to select credits/packages
    • Charged by the number of sending mail
    • Able to change the mailing list all the time
    • Credit is valid for 365 days