NIPA, the Best Solution for Facebook Advertising

If you are using Facebook Fanpage as a main channel to directly interact with the customers, according to Thailand’s statistic in 2018, there were over 51 million Facebook users that use Facebook as an advertising platform, which make Facebook becomes one of the best channel to approach customers nowadays. Facebook Ads system has been developed to support Facebook Fanpage system, especially in building brand awareness, expanding customers database, promoting application, and increasing the sales etc.

Facebook Ads: Pagelike

Page like is the function focusing on numbers of page like for pages that want to build brand awareness among Facebook users. By creating creative contents posted on the page will help in attracting more customers, increasing numbers of page like and credibility which lead to faster purchase decision.

Facebook Ads: Click to website

Click to website helps in increasing the website’s traffic. It is linked with Facebook to attract more people to visit you website. This kind of online advertising will enhance brand awareness and numbers of sales.

Facebook Ads: Post Engagement

Post Engagement is the advertising function focusing on enhancing engagements such as comment, like, share through the Facebook posts for businesses that want to promote products or services. Furthermore, by using this function, more people will see your posts and you don’t need to pay any additional charges.

Facebook Ads: Conversion

Conversion is the advertising function aiming to enhance the purchasing decision of your target customers. The brand can select the audience to promote your products and services. However, the brand have to install Code Facebook Pixel to track customer behavior on website, and evaluate the data to optimize the upcoming campaigns.

Facebook Ads: Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the function focusing on increasing sales opportunity. Personal information will be collected when a person registers or fills in the form. This function is well suit with businesses such as financial business, real estates business, education business, beauty and cosmetics business.

Facebook Ads: Message or Inbox

Message or Inbox is the function that leads people to send direct message or inbox you. Selecting the accuarate target will help the brand in increasing the sales and purchasing desicions.

Facebook Ads: Video Views

Video views helps in increasing views of the posted video. Creating an outstanding video, adding motions and presenting your business will attract people’s attention and effectively spread your messages to public.

Facebook Ads: Retargeting

Retargeting is for remarketing the existing customers to retarget them with the same advertising in order to remind them of your brand. This type of advertising can increase brand awareness and brand recognition among customers.

Nipa Technology assures that we will provide the best services to help our customers achieve their objectives. We are more than appreciated to give you the best advices for your business. Your business is our priority.

Strengths of Facebook Advertising

      1. Select the right target audience
        Targeting the right audience with an Audience insight tool which helps in analysing audience’s interests and demographic in order to select the right audience.
      2. Control daily budget performance
        Controlling advertising daily cost and post’s duration. (If the campaign has over 1 Ad set, an optimize budget tool can be used for estimating which Ad set is more worth to put the budget in).
      3. Successful measurement
        The brand can measure all of advertising performances by using auction insight which will help in optimizing the campaign to maximize results.
      4. Non-obigation
        The brand is allowed to adjust, pause, and cancel the advertisement without any additional costs.
      5. Increase the effeciency of campaign with Facebook report
        Facebook provides 24 hours campaign report and immediate optimization.
      6. Increase online sales
        The advertisement will be expanded through public which you could find new potential target audiences who could be interested in your products more.

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Advertising cost per month
Management Fee
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
9,000 – 14,999 Baht
4,000 Baht
11,250 Baht
(Avg 3,750 Baht/Month)
20,700 Baht
(Avg 3,450 Baht/Month)
39,600 Baht
(Avg 3,300 Baht/Month)
15,000 – 29,999 Baht
5,100 Baht
14,400 Baht
(Avg 4,800 Baht/Month)
27,000 Baht
(Avg 4,500 Baht/Month)
46,800 Baht
(Avg 3,900 Baht/Month)
30,000 – 59,999 Baht
7,200 Baht
19,800 Baht
(Avg 6,600 Baht/Month)
37,800 Baht
(Avg 6,300 Baht/Month)
72,000 Baht
(Avg 6,000 Baht/Month)
Over 60,000 Baht
14% of Advertising cost

*Payment terms

  • null
    Minimun charge 400 baht per day
  • null
    7% vat excluded
Advertising cost
Strategic plan
Analyzing and targeting
A/B testing
Advertising result report
24/7 Statistic
tracking system
Business location service
Chat responsding and content writing guiding
Numbers of campaigns
Advertising massage
Photo design (Single)
Slide show design (set)
Adding products in shop section
9,000 -
14,999 -
15,000 -
29,999 -
30,000 -
59,999 -
> = 60,000