Increasing Profits, Growing Your Business with Google Ads

Besides providing the world’s top search engine service and video-sharing website, YouTube, Google also develops and serves online advertising platform, Google Ads, which is considered to be one of the popular advertising channel which is essential and useful in nowadays online marketing.

5 Campaigns  Under Google Ads’ Service:

      1. Google Search Campaign is a part of Gooogle adword. It’s the advertising campaign on the search engine platform which allows your website, pictures, video, or products result in the very top places when the users start the search under the set keyword without using the SEO.
      2. Google Display Network Campaign is an advertising campaign on Google and Google partnership networks including website, video, gmail and other specific functions on mobile applications, which allows you use different patterns of advertising such as photo, video, interactive photo and message.
      3. Video Campaign is an advertising campaign on YouTube, the famous video sharing website under Google, which mainly focuses on advertising by using video, however, the photo and message can be used as well.
      4. Universal Campaign is an advertising campaign which helps in promoting applications to increase the download total. The system will spread the advertisement through Google networks, it allows people to download or install the application immediately when they click an advertisement.
      5. Shopping Campaign is a selling campaign which the result will be shown as product lists include photo, product name, price, and website link. The result will be appeared when people search keywords in Google or YouTube, the users will be able to select and view the product immediately, however the Google Merchant Center must be installed before posting an advertisement.

Strengths of Doing Google advertising with Nipa

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    Provide several advertising channels medias
    such as Search Network, Display Network, or YouTube, which helps in responding users’ needs effectively.
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    Provide several payment methods
    to support different organizations’ needs and specific objectives in each steps of marketing.
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    Target the right audiences
    and remarketing by using the advertising results for the benefits of the further campaigns.
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    Effective data collecting
    From doing Re-Marketing Code, Conversion Code or Google Analytics Code which the result will be shown in various aspects for today’s and future marketing plans. Also, analyzing the website and keyword qualities and also Protect IP to make you get the most effective result
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    Flexible advertising management system
    which allows you to adjust and check the statistics 24/7 for the most effective advertisement.

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For Google Search / Google Display Network / Universal App / Shopping / YouTube

Advertising cost per month
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
9,000 – 14,999 Baht
4,000 Baht
11,250 Baht
(Avg 3,750 Baht/Month)
20,700 Baht
(Avg 3,450 Baht/Month)
39,600 Baht
(Avg 3,300 Baht/Month)
15,000 – 29,999 Baht
5,100 Baht
14,400 Baht
(Avg 4,800 Baht/Month)
27,000 Baht
(Avg 4,500 Baht/Month)
46,800 Baht
(Avg 3,900 Baht/Month)
30,000 – 59,999 Baht
7,200 Baht
19,800 Baht
(Avg 6,600 Baht/Month)
37,800 Baht
(Avg 6,300 Baht/Month)
72,000 Baht
(Avg 6,000 Baht/Month)
Over 60,000 Baht
14% of Advertising cost

Google Buffet Packages
*Special Promotion! Discount 50% off until 16 Jun only!

For Google Search / Google Display Network / Universal App / Shopping / YouTube

*Advertising payment fee terms & conditions

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    Minimum advertising cost 400/day
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    Prices do not inclue 7% VAT
Advertising cost
Plan marketing strategy
Analyse website quality
Analyse keywords
Create attractive ads text
Control cost performance
Advertising cost is flexible
Service by
Google specialist
Evaluate result by Google specialist
Report market share every month
Provide 24/7
evaluation platform
Provide protect IP
Report campaign result every 2 weeks
Remarketing code
Conversion code
Photo design
for GDN only (set)
Google analytics code
Analyse campaign by Google Analytics
9,000 -
14,999 -
15,000 -
29,999 -
30,000 -
59,999 -
> = 60,000