Penetrate New Generation Market with Instagram Advertising

Nowadays Instagram is one of the largest online advertising platform in the world, with over 1 thousand million activated accounts access the application every month and 500 million accounts access the application everyday. 80% of the user accounts follow business accounts on Instagram, and 400 million user accounts use Instagram stories every day. Through Instagram, the business can share story with the target audiences effectively through the creative environment.

Instagram Ads Format

1. Image Ads: Representing your products and services with a single photo
2. Video Ads: An advertising video represents products and services less than 30 seconds
3. Carousel Ads: Representing your products and services in slide show to increase brand value and awareness
 Instagram advertising will be shown on users’ Instagram news feed according to the target conditions that are set by the business.

3 Types of Services Covering Advertising Objectives and Results:

1. Click to Website: Increase the website traffic
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    Ads platform: Photo, video, slide
    *The advertisement will be shown on Instagram feed with the button on the right side states actions such as learn more, buy now or more details.
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    Call to action: Link customers from Instagram to the website by the call to action button such as book now, contact us, download, learn more, buy now, sign up, see more.
2. Mobile App Installs: Promote your mobile application to increase the installation
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    Ads platform: Photo and video
    *The advertising will be shown on Instagram feed, interested users are able to click the link towards App store or Play store.
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    Call to action: Influence people to install your application by using call to action button such as Apply now, sign up, book now, download, learn more, listen now, buy now, play game, see more, and watch more.
3. Video Views: Increase video views by promoting brand, products, services and activities through photos and videos.
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    Ads platform: Video
    *The advertisement will be shown on Instagram feed for 15 seconds. The audience are able to click through the link to your website or Instagram profile.
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    Call to action: Attract customers to watch your video on Instagram by using call to action button such as watch more, book now, contact us, download, learn more, buy now, and apply now.

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Advertising cost per month
Management Fee
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
9,000 – 14,999 Baht
4,000 Baht
11,250 Baht
(Avg 3,750 Baht/Month)
20,700 Baht
(Avg 3,450 Baht/Month)
39,600 Baht
(Avg 3,300 Baht/Month)
15,000 – 29,999 Baht
5,100 Baht
14,400 Baht
(Avg 4,800 Baht/Month)
27,000 Baht
(Avg 4,500 Baht/Month)
46,800 Baht
(Avg 3,900 Baht/Month)
30,000 – 59,999 Baht
7,200 Baht
19,800 Baht
(Avg 6,600 Baht/Month)
37,800 Baht
(Avg 6,300 Baht/Month)
72,000 Baht
(Avg 6,000 Baht/Month)
Over 60,000 Baht
14% of Advertising cost

*Payment terms

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    Minimun charge 400 baht per day
  • null
    7% vat excluded
Advertising cost
Strategic plan
Analyzing and targeting
A/B Testing
Advertising report
24/7 Statistic
tracking system
Target business location service
Chat responsding and content writing guiding
Numbers of campaigns
Advertising massage
Photo design (single)
Slide show design (set)
9,000 -
14,999 -
15,000 -
29,999 -
30,000 -
59,999 -
> = 60,000