Influencer Marketing, the New Effective Solution for Today’s Marketing

The advertising itself is not enough! Influencer marketing, the new effective solution for today’s marketing

Influencer marketing is the new hybrid marketing tools taking the idea of celebrity endorsement through influencer or famous people in the social network. Influencer marketing can create high impact conversation to attract customers attention and purchasing decision. The influential of influencer comes from their large followers that can persuade people to create a quicker decision. Therefore, the target market of this marketing channel can be separated by each influencer styles.

In addition, the statistic shown that using only 3% of influencer marketing can impact more than 90% of brand awareness and customers attention,moreover it creates up to 65% of company revenue.

Who Can Be an Influencer?

The fact is that everybody can be an influencer if they know how to communicate attractively to convince people to believe on what they said and interested in.

How Influencer Marketing Impact on You Business?

Influencer connects consumers and brands together, not only included of their followers, but also other people related to those followers as well. As a result, influencers can impact the market expanding by increasing of followers on both website and social media, and it is the main factor that helps in increasing the company’s revenue.

Another reason why influencers can impact on your business is that they can communicate with your target customers to approach more on your brand and products because customers in the digital age are tend to not be attracted by the banner advertising and video advertising. People nowadays are more likely to use AdBlock to block the advertising on the website and social media instead.

How Can We Separate Influencer Categories?

The most effective way to separate influencer categories is amount of customers that each influencer can reach.
  • Celebrity / Mass Publisher

    This group of influencers includes celebrities or popular pages that have more than hundreds thousands or millions followers or subscribers. This group include the most influential group of people that can persuade others to consume products and services. By hiring this type of influencers, the brand will be able to create mass awareness or maximize reach.
  • Key Opinion Leaders / Professional Publishers / Specialists

    This group of influencers has less followers or subscribers than the celebrity group, but they are specialists on a particular product or service. The strength of key opinion leaders is that they can also create mass awareness as well as celebrity, for example Blogger, Tech Reviewer and Gamecaster. This group of influencers also can persuade people to use products and services.
  • Micro Influencer

    The most famous group of influencer nowadays is micro influencer. This group of influencers has less followers and subscribers than other groups, yet, it holds more credibly. Moreover, it can create more engagement and reach than celebrities and specialists.

Example of Influencers on Several Marketing Channels


Archita station is one of the most famous beauty YouTuber who review beauty products and services on YouTube, that has more than 1 million subscribers. Most of the videos are about makeup tutorials and cosmetics or skincare reviews. Her video on YouTube has more than 3.3 millions views. She is one of the most successful YouTuber in cosmetics category that can persuade people to consume beauty products and services.

HEARTROCKER is the famous gamecaster in Thailand. By his unique and attractive speech, he has more than 4.5 millions subscribers and more than hundreds thousands views per video, which is considered to be very high for the gamer categories. As a result, this is one of an effective channel to promote games and applications.

Icepadie is a beauty blogger. Most of her articles are about beauty products, which are presented in colorful artworks to attract women who are interested in beauty tips.

Booky Healthyclub is health blogger who presents stories about health such as clean food ot workout tips. By following this channel, the followers will receive useful articles for their health and wellness.
Facebook Fanpage

EJeab Leabduan is a popular entertainment Facebook Fanpage which presents entertainments and trends on social media. This page has more than 2.8 millions followers with a very high rate of engagement.

GuinHungry is one of the most famous food & drink Facebook Fanpage that focusing on presenting food & drinks from popular restaurant and events. The content will include influential captions to describe the tastes and eating experiences which can influence people's who are interested in food.

Pimtha is a popular net idol who has more than 3.4 followers on instagram. She has a lot of famous products and services from several brands to review such as Air Asia.

Glutadog is a pet influencer that promote about pet products and pet celebrities on the social media.

As a result, the strength of influencer marketing is influential in persuading people on the particular products and services. It helps in targeting the right customers with practical marketing channels to increase brand awareness and sales.

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