Why Do Marketers Require Leads?

For the marketer, lead is a group of people who are interested in services and products of the company. Examples of Lead are members registration or interviewers of the survey. The main objective of collecting leads is about customer data collection of those who are havent purchases on your products or services before. People who have purchased or engaged with your brand before will not be counted as Leads.

What Is Lead Generation and What Are Its Significances?

Lead generation is the process of attracting strangers who are considered to be potential customers that are interested in your products and services. Lead generation can increase sales pipelines or opportunities of sales closing.

“If the Lead Generation is effective, the company will be able to find the qualified potential customers which are interested in purchasing the products or services which helps in saving time and focusing on the right targets.”

With our experiences on Online Marketing, we are specialized in managing Lead Generation on several channels. We brought Agile Marketing methodology in every processes from planning to organizing responsibilities to create the most effective advertising campaigns for or clients. Nowadays, there are many channels to find Leads such as Facebook, Google, Line, Banner, Email & SMS Marketing. Doing

To find Leads, Lead Generation is different from doing direct call to random people. For example, people’s may receive a call from an insurance company, selling some insurance packages that you’re not interested in, on the other hand, for the people who have registered the company’s form before, they will be more likely to be interested in packages and services, and open to more call for deals information.

Why Choose Us

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    Analysing the right marketing tools

    By Google and Facebook specialists, with over 15 years of experiences that allows us to be able to analyse precisely and select the right tools for every campaigns.

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    Planning an effective marketing strategy

    Our team will help you plan the effective strategies for your best campaigns result.

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    Analysing the target groups

    Our team will help in analysing the target groups for advertisement to gain the most effective Leads for your business

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    Optimizing campaigns

    We have an optimization process that will helps in developing better campaign results with the same amount of budget by using several tools.

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    Report and evaluate marketing campaign

    Our team is able to summarize the campaign results clearly in every processes for our clients.