Mobile Marketing, Bring Advertisements Everywhere With You

Nowadays, mobile phone or smartphone becomes one of the necessary gadget in everyone’s daily life. Through smartphone, people can search for information and news in a little amount of time, using mobile phone gives more convenience to users either in terms of businesses or others as well. According to the strategic, it indicated that nowadays Thailand is the country that spend most time on the internet on all devices, at the average of 9 hours and 38 minutes per day, and 4 hours 56 minutes on mobile.

Marketers tend to focus more on Mobile Marketing because it creates more opportunities to reach the target customers. Mobile Marketing is to do marketing through smartphone, which can spread news, information and promotions of products or services directly towards target customers in the short amount of time. Moreover, by doing Mobile Marketing, the results will be evaluated faster as well.

Mobile Video Marketing

Video Marketing is an effective online marketing tool which can attracts customers’ attention with motion contents.The strength points of Video Marketing is it is able to convey 1.8 million words in 1 minute video. Because of motion pictures and sounds of the video, the viewers will be able to recognize details over to 95%, which is completely different from communicating through words that people’s will be able to recognize all the details at 10%.

Creating attractive contents is essential in doing Video Marketing. Because consumer behaviour is always changing, it will be very challenging for the marketing team to design videos that will create Engagement and Brand Awareness.

Mobile Search

Searching through mobile phone gives more conveniences and time savings. Whether the users want to search for restaurants, attractions, or stores, using mobile phone will enable them to search for those locations or information wherever they are at.

Therefore, the brand should prepare thier online store to be ready for the search, whether on Google Map, Fanpage, or website that allow people to reach conveniently to your store, present your products and services and increase more customers.

Mobile Social Media Advertising

According to the Digital Yearbook’s research, it shown that Thais spend their time on social media for 3.10 hours on average per day. This can be seen that the opportunity to reach more potential customers can be increased by using social medias through mobile phone such as Facebook, the most popular social media in Thailand, or YouTube and LINE.

The increasing of social medias usage leads to more mobile advertising. Businesses don’t have to select only one or all social media channels to advertise, but they should select channels rely on thier target customers. Understanding targets’ interests and behaviours will helps in boosting campaigns’ effectiveness to the objectives.

Mobile App Marketing

There are plenty of mobile applications on Play Store and App Store available for users nowadays. However, the storage of each user’ devices are limit so that the users will only select to install the applications that are necessary for them. Thus, producing an online advertisement that conform to the targets is very important, the planner have to analyse the application users before advertising any campaigns for the best results.

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